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Creative World and Its Opportunities

The creative industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years; there has been tremendous evolution in this field along with advancement.

In the present scenario where the world is turning into a global village, the demand and opportunities for creative minds is at its ever best, and the picture continues to get better in future. 

Media and agency industry today is evolving and reaching new heights. With each industry growing and competition rising the demand for skilled manpower and creative minds, including designers, freelancers and people with the ability to think and create innovative concepts, visuals and pieces that turn heads and capture imaginations are also increasing.

 The best part of this growing industry, whose reach is defined with every new idea and concept, is that it has abundant opportunities waiting to be explored and cashed upon from every corner, street or road of the world.

This field offers an open window for contributing through freelancing and make big bugs out of it. All that is required from is productive, innovative and quality work. 

As a freelancer, one can work for multiple organizations and clients depending upon, one’s reach and name in the industry. A creative person’s ability here is defined purely by their work. 

This free and innovative thinkers industry has a lot to offer on platter for the people seeking creative jobs. The world of creative production houses stands on four pillars, designing, creating, implementing and selling.

Each pillar requires skilled experts for execution, starting from creative designers, writers, technocrats and bidders, all elements are essential for developing of this industry.

There are numerous jobs prospects available in the media and agency organizations; we have listed few of them below along with the skills required.

Talented jobs:

A.      Graphic Designer

Key Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flash, Dreamweaver


·         Excellent design creativity, flair and positive attitude with a first-class eye for design details.

·         Should be able to produce results in a fast paced environment.

·         Must be able to work with speed and meet deadlines.

·         Ability to produce as an individual or as a part of team as well.




Key Skills: English/Hindi Language skills, Proficient at MS Word

Requirements: Excellent creative writing skills, flair and positive attitude with a first-class eye for details.

·         Should be able to produce results in a fast paced environment.

·         Must be able to work with speed and meet deadlines.

·         Ability to produce as an individual or as a part of team as well.


C.      Photographer

Key Skills: Knowledge of studio lighting, basic computer operations and software is must.


And much more! You just need to explore.

If you have the desired skills and your portfolio is uploaded with the essential key requirements, its time you start exploring opportunities in this industry.

Explore and avail them.

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How to write a Cracking and Successful Headline

 The better your headline, the better your odds of beating the averages and getting what you've written read by a larger percentage of people. 

Learn how to crack a headline that let other people thinking and read again and again.

In this video copywriter Jesse Forrest teaches you how to write headlines and gives you 5 headline writing templates you can use in your next copywriting project.

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Flash Work

2D Flash Animator, Website Designer and a creative head   I offer 2D flash animation and website design that stands out in today’s sizzling market. I make effective websites that stands out and look better. I love making 2D cheesy videos whether it’s for corporate use or an instructional video.    Check out my portfol

By : Himanshu Mathur, Senior Visualizer at The BRANDWEAVERS

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Best Advertisements of all Times

Posted On : 18 Dec 2013  

Piotr Fox Wysocki succeeds at creating this 3D marvel featuring gleam of the metal helmet and unbelievable detailing of pores, tiny hairs and imperfections of the skin. How can you miss the texture of the fabric?
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Typographic Logos

• Typography is an indispensable aspect of logo designing because it:
• Establishes the overall character of the logo.
• Promotes visibility.
• This presentation features some of the interesting typographic logos. 
• The example logos represent different elements of type styling and text graphics
There’s a an essential learning from the presentation when you design a logo then choosing the right typography is a prerequisite to successfully promote your brand identity or client project.
If you’re logo design enthusiast, these creative marvels are bound to give you a high!!
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Senior Copy Writer

Looking for a senior copy writer for an advertising agency. Immediate Requirement. mail me at raja.sinha@hotmail.com

Creative Head
Making creatives for digital platforms for various Luxury Brands specially in Fashion Industry.
Making 2D illustrations and sketches.
App designing.
Brainstorming and coming up with new design ideas.
Work on multiple projects and deliver creatives in a timely manner
Experience: 2 to 6 Years
Experience in SM graphics, Fashion, Luxury, lifestyle would be preferred.
Storytelling and presentation skills are plus
Knowlwdge of story boarding
Basic knowledge about the digital/ online environment
Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (specifically Photoshop and Illustrator) and Powerpoint. Any additional software knowledge is a plus.
Creative thinker
Clean, crisp, and clever portfolio that demonstrates creativity
Knowledge specific to interaction design as it relates to online advertising
Proficient in English, both oral and written
Understanding of smartphone and tablet functionality is a plus
Expected Salary – 18-25K depending on the skill set.
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Ask From CFI Experts

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Ignition 3.0 : The Bimonthly Meet

Ignition is a series of Events sponsored by The Creative Freelancers India, to create a platform whe

Posted By : Admin

14 Sep 2013 Kunzum Travel Cafe Hauz Khas Village New Delhi � 110016

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    If you are passionate about your Creative abilities, make sure you invest time and effort in developing them. 
    And once you are confident of your craft, get out there and put it on display!!
    David Ogilvy says "If it doesnt sell, it aint Creative". So it is an integral part of preparing yourself and learning, to become
    adept at selling your craft. The business aspect of creativity is just as significant. 
    Forge ahead, Stay focussed and You will Arrive!
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    I cannot reiterate this enough number of times originality, originality, originality. That is the one thing that your portfolio should say about you. In the long run, that is the only winner.

    Your creative ideas, and original ones at that, are your biggest asset and marketing tool. As you keep gaining project experience, your portfolio will be a collection of your masterpieces and showcasing that will translate into more work.

    So here is what you need to take care of as far as your portfolio is concerned:

    • Have a clear logo and tagline
    • Add some information about yourself as a solopreneur
    • List out all your services
    • Present real samples of your work
    • List out why someone should hire your services
    • Collect testimonials from clients and compile them in a page to present
    • Lastly, most importantly, keep is concise

    These are a few guidelines for you to go by while working on your client pitch. Hopefully, they will come together and produce a portfolio that will be your biggest marketing tool and your PR agent.

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    The fact is that all creative people have a bit of themselves in every piece of art they create. If you are a fiction writer for example, there is no way that your thoughts or experiences do not translate into a character or an incident from your life onto the pages in front of you. Unless, of course, you are J.K. Rowling, because for the love of me, I cannot put together the puzzle of an evil Voldemort Vs. a kid for seven books. Kidding! No disrespect intended, I love Harry Potter. Coming back to the point, your art is a reflection of you.

    There are times when you create for your personal satisfaction. For such creations, it is not only just right; it is imperative that you are part of them. A little bit of you must reflect in your work for it to be fresh, exciting and unique.

    Now, for other times, when you are writing for a client or with a certain pre- decided theme or topic, do not give into the urge to be you. The best way to deal with this is to look at it from two perspectives:
    • The client's voice: Keep in mind at all times what the client needs you to create. 
    • The audience: While working in the creative field, to keep the target audience at the back of your mind at all times while creating is a sure shot way to give the client what she/he desires off your creative existence.
    These two points will broadly help you keep out of the work and sail through client assignments without showing up in the work unexpectedly.
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    So here is the thing. I get it when you are totally inspired by something and left completely awestruck. It could be a painting, a movie, a book, a photograph, a quote, or a live art performance... anything. In that moment you are like, "THIS is mind blowing!"
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